Phenomenal feelings are provided by the Lust Egg Tenga Masturbators. These little beauties are stretchy and suitable for any size. Simply unpack and apply lubricant to the Inside of the egg. A perfect travel toy, just put it in your pocket and you're always ready. Lust Eggs are brilliant because they provide an unbelievable ready to go right now masturbation experience. Just crack open the subtle eggs, pour in a little lube, and get to work on doing what you do best to get that high.

  • Over 12 Lust Eggs To Choose From

    Each individual Lust Egg provides for a separate amazing and unique masturbation experience.

  • Lust Egg Features

    - Made of a super-stretchable elastomer which expands drastically for a snug fit, regardless of your size.

    - Twelve different eggs to choose from. Each one with a unique internal structure for a variety of great experiences.

    - Easy use and cleaning

  • Other Products

    Although our best selling products are the Lust Eggs themselvs we are proud to carry an array of different sex toys for people of all genders and sexualities.